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Company Profile - B2BBAZAR.COM
Year of Establishment: 2013
Nature of Business:
B2B (A Business House providing business to another Business House)
BAZAR (Market Place / Online Shopping Mall)
B2BBAZAR.COM is a web portal and an online shopping mall designed for manufacturers, exporters and business establishments who fall under B2B segment.
The Business of b2bbazar.com is to sell online space, which allows its members to market & advertise their products and services effectively in the website b2bbazar.com and in search engine, thereby helping them to generate business inquires and export inquiries.
Our Management Team:
The business functioning and operations of B2BBAZAR.COM is managed by a group of professionals under the leadership of Ms. Anuradha M Rajan (Business Head)
Our Areas of Expertise
  1. Each member in our top Management possess almost a decade experience in B2B industry
  2. We understand the technique of creating Web Platforms for the B2B industry which can attract both buyers & sellers
  3. We understand Search Engine Optimization Techniques (Our Expertise is just not promoting the sellers products in Search Engine, but we also understand the techniques what makes the buyer contact the seller, and what are the essential details a buyer looks for in a website to enter into a business deal with the seller)
  4. We possess skill to further introduce new features and tools to our Web Platform thereby providing better user experience, providing more choices to buyers and making it more easier & user friendly for our buyers and sellers to access and operate
  5. We possess the skill & ideas to attract buyers in our web platform
  6. We have already designed a very effective E-Pages (Website) for our members, but with passing time we posses the skill to make it even better
Our Vision
We know we are not the No.1 B2B Portal in the industry today, but undoubtedly our vision is:
  1. To make b2bbazar.com the Best Web Platform in the globe for Buyers
  2. To have buyers from all across the globe accessing b2bbazar.com
  3. To ensure 100% accurate, exhaustive, complete and authentic information in b2bbazar.com
  4. To make b2bbazar.com the Best Web Platform in the globe for Sellers
Our Culture
Our Management team has been exposed to various organizational cultures, so in order to be efficient for our business, to be good for our product and to be fair for our clients, we have adopted an Anti – Authority Leadership Culture.
In our organization it’s important for each leader to justify their move to the rest of the team
Our Organizational Values
We believe in being honest & truthful with all our internal and external customers. We are a high trust environment organization where we firmly believe in honoring our commitments, true teamwork, and an open interchange of feedbacks & ideas.
Our entire communication with our clients will be in writing and we ensure each and every service is delivered to the client on time & in a qualitative manner
Value Delivery to Customers:
We understand this language very well and we put all our intelligence, technology, Quality check & efforts to ensure the client gets enough returns on his investments.
For us winning the trust of our customer matters! Customer Satisfaction Matters!
We believe in doing on priority "What is right for the Customer".
We believe in doing on priority “What is best for the Customer”
We believe in results and as a company we don’t have failure as an option. We know our goals and we have a structured formula to achieve it.
We firmly believe in profits right from day one. We don’t evaluate our business based on number of clicks or number of visits or number of users who took action in our website, even though all that is important.
But our profit measurement is back to basics. What are we selling? How much revenue we will generate? What costs we will incur? And How much profit we will make?
Cost Effective:
We have strived hard to come out with a cost effective advertising solution for all the Manufacturers, including the entire SSI Units / SME segment / EXIM Community & B2B Fraternity. And we really feel proud in successfully launching the same