Swarsadhana is well known in tha field of entertainment  forM the last 5 years. We are  blessed with the honour of performing in india and abroad. We are known for our world class reproduction of music , be it the unforgettable little music of the yesteryears or the modern time of welknown peoples.

Swarsadhana  is the  group for presenting special theme shows like  melodies , rhythm and   instrumental and can do a special theme show as per your requirment. 

Today Swarsadhana is infused with new blood and is aptly led by Mr. Amit Mittal, who is proud to carry on the legancy of Swarsadhana to new scale of height.Our artists specialize in all kinds of music and functions like star night, black and white, wedding ,receptions, corporates shows , company pramotions shows, annual day functions, dandiya shows, college gatherings, instrumental, dinner and dance, gazals, family functions, karaoke nights, sufi night, marathi, rajasthani, punjabi etc And proudly say We think different from others .