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Palm Reading
Palm Reading

Palmistry is the best known of all the names relating to the reading of hands. The use of the word is comparatively modern for a practice that extends back through the centuries since time immemorial. Cheiromancy was formerly the predominant name for hand reading, used since classical times until palmistry usurped it in the seventeenth century.

Hand reading is found in many cultures; Greek, Roman, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese among others. In the Orient palmistry is still highly respected and openly practised on the street. By contrast, within European culture the practice is much more subdued; formerly the practice was suppressed by the Church due to its links with astrology, while latterly science has largely spurned it as a subject unworthy of serious investigation.

Palmistry restores its underpinning on the experimentations demeanor by Desbarrolles and d'Arpentigny in 19th century. Each hand is unique and replicates the nature of the person. The pads or mounts of the hand demonstrate the potencies and limitations in the persona. The marks and lines in the hand portray a flamboyant picture of events that take place in his life. But these marks and lines may transform from time to time depending on the planetary energies, which diverge from time to time. By a careful assessment of all these factors, we can adjudicate what the person is and what he has in store.



DISCLAMER- There are no guarantees that every person usingthis service will get their desired results for sure.  Astrologicalresults depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person toperson

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